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We’ve mapped and detailed some of our favorite places to ride. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will tell you where to go!

This popular off road area offers hundreds of miles of trails that range from twisty and narrow to wide and open 4×4 trails. Most of the trails form long loops that wind nearby old mines and cabins while providing spectacular mountain views. The trails system has 3 designated staging areas which have room for small trailers. Fee-free Primitive Camping is permitted. No electricity or water is provided.

Located in the Pike-San Isabel National Forest about 35 miles southwest of Denver are more than 100 miles of trails for off-road motorcycles (dirt bikes, trail bikes, or whatever you call them) and ATVs. This area is known as the Rampart Range Motorized Recreational Area. The trails, some of which were originally stage coach roads, and stock and game trails, traverse several hundred square miles of national forest at elevations ranging from about 6,500 feet to over 8,500 feet. There are currently over 20 designated trails with terrain and challenges varied enough for riders of all abilities to find enjoyable. The South Platte Ranger District of the USDA Forest Service and the Rampart Range Motorcycle Management Committee (RRMMC) maintain the trail system.

Mount Herman Rd is an all dirt road offering direct access to the Pike National Forest, one of Colorado’s Largest National Forest at 1.1 million acres. This scenic dirt road leads you to a few miles of fun and picturesque trails, while also giving you direct access to Woodland Park and Sedalia via Rampart Range Rd, which is part of “The Backcountry Discovery Route Through Colorado”. There are many stops throughout this route for jaw dropping photos and rest spots. This route is popular with our 1 Day Guided Adventures.

This part of the Pike National Forest offers about 20 miles of smooth and fast motorized trails. Most of the trail systems consists of handpicked terrain but there are some challenging sections with rugged climbs. All sections are open to motorcycles.

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