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First Class Adventures offers the finest snow bike rentals in Colorado. The word “Timbersled” is to snow bike’s as “Kleenex” is to Tissues.  There are many brands of Snowbike kits.  Timbersled (Polaris), CMK, MotoTrax, Camso and Yeti are just a few.  Each kit rides differently, is designed for specific conditions or terrains and varies widely in price.  At First Class Adventures, we custom build our bikes to be the most comfortable and easiest to ride Snowbike available.  The Beta 430, one of the easiest to ride dirt bikes on the market, is paired with the Camso DTS129 Snowbike kit, which is best known for it’s “Goldilocks” track length. With other kits, the only choice is 120” or 137” in length. Camso’s 129” track means you are agile enough when trail riding but are also more than capable in deep powder.  We use after-market parts from manufactures like Fasst CompanyAirPro ForkRekluseBRP MotoSeat Concepts and IMS to insure our clients are the most comfortable, least fatigued and confident for a full day of fun in the snow.  See our “Dirt Bike Features” page to explore the advantages of each accessory we have installed on our Bikes.

Riding a Snow Bike is hard to describe but rest assured it will be one of the most fun activities you’ll do in your lifetime.

Why rent from First Class Adventures?

  • Delivery available*

  • Easier, more comfortable and safer to ride snow bikes

  • We provide Safety Gear others don’t

  • Trailer included if needed

  • Insurance Included

*No Charge if within 30 miles of Monument, CO.  Delivery fee applies depending on distance. We can not deliver to a national park. Call for details.

Included with every rental

  • Helmet, Goggles and Balaclava
  • 2 gallons of extra fuel
  • Small Tunnel Bag w/ Healthy Snacks, Hand/Body Warmers, First Aid and Basic Survival Kit
  • 2 Way Recovery Beacon, SOS Device and Shovel
  • Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars (less arm pump and less overall fatigue)

  • Fasst Company Impact Adventure Foot Pegs (minimize foot vibration and maximize boot grip)

  • Scott’s Steering Dampener (reduces head shake at speed and helps keep your line)

  • Hand Guards (protects your hands and fingers from debris and if the bike is dropped)

  • Large Capacity Fuel Tanks (for those long rides between fill ups)

  • Soft Handle Bar Grips (added overall comfort)

  • Lightweight Lithium Battery (quicker and more reliable starts in any weather condition)

  • Various protection accessories (to keep damage minimal after a spill)

Beta 430 RR Race Edition w/ Camso DTS 129 Kit


Select a date or range of dates, enter your information and reserve. Price is $300/day with 20% of total due to confirm reservation. Balance due at pickup. If you have further questions please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Number of Snow Bikes Needed
GoPro w/memory card $30/Day

Avalanche Pack $30/Day

*20% of total due to confirm reservation. Balance due at pickup.


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